ADEL Fingerprint Card Hotel System
  ADEL Hotel Smart Card Lock System


What is ADEL Fingerprint Card Hotel System?

ADEL Fingerprint Card Hotel System, the most advanced hotel system in the world, has successfully Integrated fingerprint recognition technology to Mifare Card and hotel lock system, contributing to the tremendous improvement in the security level for Hotel Industry.

ADEL Fingerprint Card Hotel System that records guest's fingerprint to Mifare Card provides convenience to the hotel guests who can consume in different outlets in the hotel with the ADEL Fingerprint Card. What the guest need is to verify his fingerprint with the ADEL Fingerprint Card's fingerprint inside so only the card's holder can use the card as everyone has unique fingerprint. It prevents the card from embezzling by others.







Components of ADEL Fingerprint Card Hotel System

Three main system components:
1. Card: ADEL Fingerprint Card
2. Fingerprint Reader
3. Fingerprint System Software: ADEL Fingerprint Card System

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